Task 47
Task 47
SHC Task 47

Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings

1st Exemplary Buildings Seminar: Retrofit of Non-Residential Buildings

September 7, 2012 - Brussels, Belgium

Exemplary Buildings SeminarExemplary renovation projects have demonstrated that total primary energy consumption can be drastically reduced while also improving building's the indoor climate. However, the experiences gained from these projects have not been systematically analyzed to make them a reliable resource for planners. Because most property owners are not even aware that such savings are possible, they set energy targets that are too conservative. And, buildings renovated to mediocre performance can be a lost opportunity for decades. It is essential that building owners be aware of the successes and set ambitious targets. The aim of this symposium is to show some exemplary renovation projects in the participating countries of task 47.

Preliminary Agenda & Presentations

10:00     Welcome and Introduction by OA Fritjof Salvesen
10:10     School of Schwanenstadt, Austria
10:20     Kindergarten in Høje-Taastrup, Denmark
10:40     Norwegian Tax Directorate
11:10     Office in Vorst, Belgium
11:30     Coffee Break
11:50     High Rise Commercial Building, Australia
12:10     Printing Workshop, Germany
12:30     Franciscan Monastery in Graz - Historic Building
12:50     Discussion and Summary