Task 47
Task 47
SHC Task 47

Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings

3rd Exemplary Buildings Seminar: Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings towards Sustainable Standards

April 3, 2014 - Frankfurt, Germany

In connection to the “Light + Building 2014 “ Fair in Frankfurt, a seminar on “Renovation of Non- Residential Buildings towards Sustainable Standards” was organized on Thursday 3. April 2014. Around 70 persons attended the seminar, and among them were planners, architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, researchers, authorities and other professionals with in the industry. The purpose of the seminar was to present the main outcomes of SHC task 47. The international experts in task 47 presented their projects and results. The seminar flyer as well as the presentations can be downloaded below. 

  1. Renovation of non-residential buildings towards sustainable standards. Overview of the IEA-SHC Task 47
    Fritjof Salvesen, Asplan Viak, Norway
  2. Important lessons learned from 20 European  exemplary retrofit projects for non-residential buildings
    Fritjof Salvesen, Asplan Viak, Norway
  3. The challenge of retrofitting historic buildings – Examples from Vienna and Graz
    Claudia Dankl, ÖGUT – Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt and Technik, Austria
  4. Deep retrofit of older office buildings: Lessons learned and recommendations
    Kirstin Eklund Thomsen, Danish Building Research Institute, Denmark
  5. Powerhouse Kjørbo – Office building renovated to plus-energy standard
    Mari Lyseid Authen, Asplan Viak, Norway
  6. Overview and evaluation of marked and policy issues for the retrofit of non-residential buildings
    Trond Haavik, Segel
  7. How to achieve high daylighting quality in retrofitted non- residential buildings? Cross comparison of retrofitted European buildings and recommendations
    Roman Jakobiak, daylighting.de UG, Germany
  8. Retrofitting German school buildings to achieve the energy performance standards of plus energy schools and 3-litre buildings.
    Johann Reiss, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Germany
  9. Successful retrofit of non- residential buildings: Technical analysis of heating and cooling consepts
    Dooren Kalz, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Germany
  10. Design Guideline for sustainable refurbishment of school buildings
    Sophie Trachte, Architecture et Climat, Belgium (presented by Fritjof Salvesen)